The Importance of Tribal tattoos

If you have seen Disney's Moana then you have surely enjoyed Maui's talking talking tattoos. The character was played by Dwayne Johnson who himself have many popular tattoos. Even though The Rock does not have tribal sleeve tattoos like many of his family members including Roman reigns and Rikishi but it is interesting to notice that his culture consider tattoos to be magical.


Yes many cultures around the globe consider tattoos to have magical powers that help in bad times. Even in the moana film, Maui earned those tattoos whenever he finished a major heroic task. 


His tattoos were movable and they often showed what task maui performed to get those tattoos. Samoan culture give a huge importance to tattoos.

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But you will find tattoos of other tribes populas as well including the Aztec culture, the polynesian culture, the egyptian culture and the maori culture. 

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